Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dog Chronicles: Part 5

Well, it finally happened.  Fry had a day where a little general naughtiness morphed into full-on "Bad Dog" territory.

Scene: Friday morning.  I put Mr. Fry in his cage, as usual on work days.  I come home at lunch to take him out and for a little walk, then put him back in until I get home after work.

On this day, I left a little later than usual but didn't go home for lunch.  I planned, instead, to leave work early (the office was dead) and did, in fact, make it home by about 2:00 p.m.

Fry is a whiner when I am not home.  I have heard him whining from within the apartment as I come down the hall.  A few people (who apparently don't have jobs) have told that when they've had their dogs out in our courtyard during the day, they can sometimes hear him.  Thanks a lot assholes.  Like I don't already feel guilty enough about it.  Now I have to be judged by you?  Maybe I'll quit my job and take my welfare checks directly from your bank account, eh?

Anyway, as I entered I didn't hear any crying.  Hmm.  Red flag.  I open the door to my bedroom, where the cage is kept, and find that Fry has not only broken out of his cage but destroyed half of the blinds in there.  To top that off, he was SITTING ON THE THREE INCH LEDGE.  How did he balance on that?  Anyway, here's what the blinds looked like:

And, to add insult to injury, a small piece of speaker wire to my surround sound system must have been poking under my closed bedroom door because he had pulled a large amount of it under the door and chewed thru -- yes completely thru -- they wiring to 3 of the 6 speakers.  #Dagger

Not three hours later, he peed right on the floor, right in front of me.

Needless to say, punishment was swift and just.  He got smacked and locked in the cage in full view of me watching TV.  On our walks for that night I wouldn't let anyone or any dog pet him or go up to him.  Pretty good discipline, no?  Anyway, by Friday night at bedtime we were buddies again.  I mean seriously, how could I stay mad at this?

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